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Welcome to our webpage to accompany The Comms Channel’s YouTube where we cover all things radio and dive deep into the realms of Ham Radio, Packet Radio, Communications Receivers, Scanners, SDR, LoRa, Meshtastic, Radio Direction Finding, SIGINT, and more.

Join us as we explore radio communications

Take a deep dive into the fascinating world of radio communications both here on this website and at our YouTube Channel “The Comms Channel”) where we have created carefully curated and easy to follow content, including:

  • Ham Radio: Learn about Amateur Radio with comprehensive guides, video tutorials, and more to help get you on the air with the ham radio community.

  • Packet Radio & APRS: Explore packet radio, where data is sent using packets for reliable transmission, making it ideal for applications like emergency communication, digital messaging, and email over the radio. Learn about the protocols, hardware, and applications that drive this fascinating aspect of radio communications and even build your own TNC and Digipeater.

  • Scanners, SDR, & Communications Receivers: Look beyond Ham Radio and discover more of the radio spectrum with info on the latest in Communications Receivers, Scanners, and Software-Defined Radios, and learn how to tune in to the world’s airwaves.

  • LoRa & Meshtastic: Learn about Long Range communications with LoRa (LongRange) and even build your own energy-efficient Meshtastic Solar-Powered Device and start your own mesh network!

  • Radio Direction Finding: Learn how to locate hidden or unauthorized transmitters and radio users causing interference by using Radio Direction Finding (RDF) techniques.

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