Parts Lists & Recommended Parts

This section contains parts lists for various builds I’ve done. Due to the popularity of Meshtastic, some parts may be hard to find and I may include alternative options or multiple links to the same product in case the first link is out of stock. This section also includes recommended parts. Some have been tested by me and some by others in the community. When purchasing radio related parts, be sure to select the correct freqency option for your location.

NOTE: I may earn a commission from qualifying purchases made through links on this site (at no cost to you). While we have used many of the products linked here, there are cases where links are provided for products that we have not tested; these links are provided for informational purposes only and not an endorsement of the product unless we expressly do so. Please read our Disclaimer for more info.

Solar Builds

I’ve done a few solar builds for Meshtastic now using waterproof enclosures from Amazon. Version 2 has been popular but due to that it can sometimes be out of stock. You can alternatively use the waterproof enclosure for Version 1 but you will have to use a different mount. When you see Enclosure for V1 below, the mount for V1 must be used with it. The mount for V2 is easier to work with but V1 is still usable. I’ll include links to build videos for both V1 and V2 below. Also important to note that the list below contains the recommended parts after some lessons learned between V1 and V2, so you may see different parts if watching the V1 build video.

Solar Build V1 Build Video

Solar Build V2 Build Video

NOTE: Be sure to get the correct size enclosure. The Amazon lnks have multiple sizes and if you don’t see the size below available, then they are out of stock. Correct Size: 7.9 * 3.9 * 2.8 or 200×100×70mm

Enclosure (V1):

Pole Mount (V1)

Enclosure (V2):

Pole Mount (V2):

J-Pole Mount (Optional if needed to mount to side of mast):

RAK Wireless WisBlock Meshtastic Starter Kit:

WisBlock Mounting Kit:

Solar Panel:

USB Cable:

IPEX to N Connector: Alternative IPEX to N (Make sure to select a cable length greater than 3"):



Important note on batteries in extreme cold/hot weather

Portable/Mobile Devices

This section contains options for portable and mobile devices. There is currently only one ready to go out of the box device for Meshtastic at the moment and that is the LILYGO T-Echo. The other options here require 3D printed cases(which can be purchased), batteries, and antennas.

LILYGO T-Beam Supreme


Case for purchase:

Case files for 3D printing: T-Beam Supreme case for Meshtastic by TonyG | Download free STL model |



RAK Wireless WisBlock


Cases for purchase:

Case files for 3D printing: RAK19007/RAK5005 case for Meshtastic by TonyG | Download free STL model |

PocketMesh R2 case for Meshtastic (RAK19007) by TonyG | Download free STL model |

PocketMesh R2-XL case for Meshtastic (RAK19007) by TonyG | Download free STL model |

Heltec V3


Case for purchase:

Case file for 3D printing: Heltec v3 case for Meshtastic by TonyG | Download free STL model |